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Glazed Chicken

roasted white meat chicken in a savory lemon tarragon sauce with rice, green beans & cashews.
Glazed Chicken
  • 5 star rating
    Very tasty This is my favorite dinner from your Dinnertime Cuisine line at the moment. Very tasty; a nice change from Salisbury Steak and Roasted Turkey Breast.
  • 3 star rating
    Ms The sauce was a little salty and not much else was there for flavor. It was mediocore at best.
  • 4 star rating
    yum this is a good product its plenty of food and i like the combination and it taste good
  • 4 star rating
    Ms It was really tasty. Not the same old boring flavors that you're used to eating
  • 5 star rating
    tuscan good flavor when i look a the pic i did,not beleive but ihas a lot of food good texture it is the perfect meal it keep me full long time i love it
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