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Don’t mess with perfection.
Simple Favorites™, simply delicious.
Get re-acquainted with 30 varieties of
Simple Favorites™. Perfect for whenever
and wherever you need a delicious pick
me up or comforting escape.
It's a takeout takedown!
Check the numbers and see how delicious
Lean Cuisine® favorites like Sesame
Chicken, Cheese Ravioli and more stack up
to similar dishes from leading restaurants.
When better options have better flavor, we
all win!
Whatever your style, we've got a pizza just for you.
Explore our selection of traditional and
wood fire style pizzas, all in a personal
size that's perfectly delicious.
Protein-packed meals that’ll make you feel great.
13 grams of protein in 50 varieties
With over 50 varieties packed with
13 grams of protein or more,
you'll feel great when you enjoy
meals both delicious and nutritious!
Rise and shine—it’s breakfast time!
Wake Up with our Morning Collection™
Delicious options from the
NEW LEAN CUISINE® morning collection
are the perfectly tasty way to start
the day off right
Guilt-free snacks you’ll love.
Lean Cuisine: Fresh Ingredients
Need a nosh? Our latest and greatest
snacks, like Three Cheese and Spinach
Stuffed Pretzels, are here. So don’t
settle at snack time–savor!

Be free to enjoy...

banishing the word compromise from your vocabulary.

savoring food that's both delicious and nutritious.

relishing every meal and every moment.

Keep Life Delicious

Lean Cuisine

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