Let’s own it,
Let’s define it,
Let’s grow it.

Whether you call it striving, working hard, or reaching for goals, let’s just call it what it is. Ambition. Sure, it’s a word with a lot of baggage. But let’s unpack it. And then fill it back up with what we know to be true: when women have a bigger impact, the world is a better place. At Lean Cuisine, we’ve been feeding women for almost 40 years. Moving forward, it’s our goal that everything we do, say, and make drives us all forward.

is real.

  • 41%

    of new business are female-owned

  • 500+

    women running for office in 2018

  • 90%

    of women in their 20s say they are proud to be called ambitious

Let’s forget the Hollywood stereotype and think beyond just “corporate America.” Ambition is a living, breathing reality in women from all walks of life, every corner of the country with every passion imaginable, and it’s changing right along with us. That’s why we are inspired by the real thing.


Since 2015, we’ve used real women in our advertising. So far, we’ve worked with a night nurse, a language instructor, and this year, an auto mechanic. All to show that we don’t need to create a fantasy version of ambition, it’s alive and well in us all.

This is personal

We believe ambition is what each one of us makes it. Check out this experiment in personal ambition. Our favorite ‘a-ha’? That when other women support us, our personal ambition grows!


for all

At Lean Cuisine, our fundamental goal is support the health and wellness of all women. So, we’ve begun a project that starts in our own Cleveland-based backyard. Because ambition lives everywhere.

A micro-loan program with one-on-one business coaching to help women get their visions off the ground, to support them along the way, and help them thrive.

Our ambition,
yesterday and

We know where we come from: The 80s. Big hair, lots of spandex, and yes, dieting.

But for us, it was always more than that. We saw women entering a whole new phase in culture, in the work force, and in their own ambitions. And so Lean Cuisine was born: to be a convenient, go-to way for women to eat delicious & healthy food in a changing world. And what looks kind of funny today was totally authentic in its time. Trust us.

But we’ve all grown up a lot since then. (And many of us weren’t even born yet!) So what’s changed?

What’s Next?

We have some pretty exciting food ambitions coming up: we’ve got more organic ingredients than ever before, we’re incorporating super-foods, and we’re exploring new tastes all over the world (we really do eat our way across this country and others all in the name of “food research”).

And we want to talk about what “ambition” means to all of us today. That’s a two-way street. No, maybe it’s more like a many-cornered intersection. And we want to hear and share voices from every avenue.

So let’s discuss: tell us what ambition means to you @leancuisine