Our Nutrition Mission

Ingredients with a Purpose

Each LEAN CUISINE recipe is developed with women’s needs in mind. Our nutritionists work alongside our culinary team to create delicious frozen entrées with added nutrition.

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Our Nutrition Mission

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Rhonda Richardson

Lean Cuisine Nutritionist
Rhonda Richardson

Rhonda Richardson

LEAN CUISINE Nutritionist

Rhonda Richardson works hard to make every entrée count. She contributes her expertise in nutrition, dietetics and food science to oversee the nutrition profiles of LEAN CUISINE products. Rhonda works closely with our culinary team, focusing on the key nutrients women need and ensuring we offer a wide variety of delicious and nutritious options.

What Research is Telling Us

Your health is in your hands, and often on your plate.

Women in their 20s

Bone mineral density is something a woman relies upon as she ages. Now is the time to build up our strength.

  • Needs: build bone density
  • Goals: 1000mg calcium/day
  • Sources: dairy, leafy greens, beans, calcium-fortified foods

Women in their 30s

As you continue to grow and gain new experiences, getting enough folic acid becomes more important to help you feel energized.

  • Needs: folic acid to help you feel energized, and healthy nerve development in your baby if you’re pregnant
  • Goals: 400 micrograms of folate (folic acid)/day
  • Sources: beans, peas, spinach, broccoli, asparagus and beef

Women 40-59

Increasing our intake of fruits and vegetables each day can reduce calorie consumption and provide necessary fiber.

  • Needs: fight weight gain
  • Goals: increase physical activity, decrease calorie intake
  • Sources: fruits and vegetables

Women 60 and over

Women have a higher incidence of heart disease, so choices with lower sodium and significant levels of positive nutrients, such as potassium and B12,
is recommended.

  • Needs: maintain overall health
  • Goals: sustained protein and Vitamin B12
  • Sources: meat, fish, dairy and eggs

Nutrition is the foundation of wellness for women

What you eat is important, but managing the amount* of the foods you eat every day can add to your long-term wellness.

Vegetables per day

Fruit per day

Low-fat or fat-free
dairy per day

Grains eaten should
be whole grains

Protein food
every day

Moderate physical activity per week

*U.S. Department of Agriculture. Choose My Plate website https://choosemyplate.gov Accessed October 20, 2015